Chapter 20 Dragonsblood Chapter 22

First Interval 1 (58 AL)

The gathering at the College broke for lunch. M'hall, Emorra, and Tieran gather at a table to discuss their options in regard to helping their future comrades. Tieran points out that whatever they do will have to be at Benden Weyr, as that's where the rider of the young queen came from. Emorra tells them that the power supplies on Eridani equipment, such as the ones they're leaving for their descendants, were rated for centuries when not in use, and decades of continuous use.

Seamus, M'hall's youngest brother, joins them, reporting that the Lord Holders had been trying to get the stonecutters for themselves, but he'd refused to release them, except to Benden. Seamus reports there was a good place to build the rooms at Benden, which was near a fault line, and would therefore get cut off by a cave-in.

Mendin still owned two of the stonecutters, and planned to make full use of them. His oldest son, Leros reports that the stonecutters were missing, taken by dragonriders from Benden. He then abruptly changes tact and proclaims that Fort Hold would throw its full support behind the project.

That evening, the Lord Holders and Weyrleaders unanimously agreed to use the last of the stonecutters in building a medical laboratory at Benden Weyr, putting Wind Blossom in charge of the contents.

Two days later, Wind Blossom meets with Tieran and Emorra in a classroom which she'd appropriated. She proclaims the necessity of teaching the future people what they needed to know to modify draconic genetic code.

Tieran explains to Emorra how PNA's structure made it more resilient to mutation.

Later, they learn that there was not enough storage in the gene mappers to store all the data, and there was no way of knowing what data could be thrown out, and which had to be retained. Emorra realizes that there should be someway that the people in the future could tell the people of the present what they need to know to compress the data.

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