Chapter 22 Dragonsblood Chapter 24

First Interval 1 (58 AL)

Tieran and Emorra are arguing about Emorra's idea of the future student telling them how the disease was spread. He stops in mid-sentence, worried about something. He goes to check on Wind Blossom. They enter her room just as she shouts out "Air!" She tells them that the girl from the future had told her the disease was spread by air. She'd been looking for missing dragons, a lot of them, and somehow knew that she'd had a question, and wondered how. Emorra told her she'd write a song to ask the question. Wind Blossom tells Emorra that she would be free with that song. She felt triumph, having freed her descendants from the Eridani curse. She passed away with that thought. A back-up plan existed to turn a watch-wher into a dragon (presumably the fatal solution that Lorana had given Arith).

Seamus tells assembled leaders that he had some old RTG's (a form of low-level, but long-lasting, power generator) and some powered doors for the room, nad a voice recorder to allow them to speak to their students. They decide to use "Air" as the key to open the second door, into the lab.

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