Chapter 2 Dragonsblood Chapter 4

Second Interval 200 (507 AL)

The Wind Rider approaches Half-Circle Sea Hold. Shortly before they arrive, Colfet falls and breaks his arm. Lorana sets the bones, setting a splint for him. Colfet warns Lorana to leave the ship if Baror became captain. They moor at the new sea hold.

Colfet visits the hold healer, to have a closer look at Lorana's bone-setting. The healer is impressed by her work, and asks if she'd ever thought of becoming a full healer.

The hold was still under construction, and much of its populace spent their time outside of the hold proper.

J'trel arrives. He is a bit concerned with the way that the hold is built, concerned that it's not safe enough against Thread. J'trel bumps into an angry man named Genin. J'trel gets into a fight. Genin attempts to kill J'trel. Defending himself, J'trel inadvertantly kills Genin.

He meets Rinir, the Holder of Half-Circle. He asks him to direct him to where the ship's crew was. J'trel flies off to meet Lorana.

Baror plans to kill Tanner and take over the ship, and then rape Lorana, encouraged in his plans by Minet.

J'trel finds Lorana, looking at some fabrics on sale. He gives Lorana some beads for her fire-lizards, Grenn and Garth. The beads contain symbols indicating "Animal Healer-in-training". Lorana tells J'trel that Garth told her about the fight he got into, and that the man was dead.

As they're talking, Baror comes up to them, congratulating him on his fight, and offering to buy him drinks. He plies both J'trel and Lorana with wine. He then reports seeing Captain Tanner, and heads off to meet him. He returns, claiming that the Captain had decided to leave in a hurry. J'trel decides to return to the Weyr, while Lorana returns to the ship. Lorana is concerned when she hears Talith coughing that it's getting worse.

Baror had knocked Tanner unconcious, possibly killed him.

J'trel is in a drunken supor at the tavern. He is awakened by the bartender. Talith reports to J'trel that he doesn't feel right. He hurries to his dragon.

He decides that it's at last time. Talith gives Lorana J'trel's love, and they go between, never to emerge.

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Bordan - healer at Half-Circle
  • Genin - holder at Half-Circle
  • Jalor
  • Marset
  • Rinir - first Seaholder of Half-Circle
  • Trinar - dockmaster at Half-Circle
  • Vilo

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