Chapter 3 Dragonsblood Chapter 5

First Pass 48 (56 AL)

Tieran is looking for the last of the antibiotics, breaking precious glassware in the process. Wind Blossom. Tieran is now 16 years old. His scars remain disfiguring. Wind Blossom hopes to rebuild his face once he finishes growing, but it's a race against time. She had to learn the necessary skills, acquire the necessary supplies, and hope that she didn't grow too feeble to perform it by the time it was possible. Latrel had lost his left thumb in a lab accident and couldn't operate, and no one else, with the possible exception of Tieran, had the talent necessary.

Tieran's father had died, under a rock silde for two days. He wanted to time it to bring the antibiotics to him and save him. Wind Blossom tells him that it's impossible. Tieran and Wind Blossom argue over his education, and her treatment of her daughter.

Emorra finds Wind Blossom picking up the shards of glass. An argument breaks out between them over the method of education, and the skills and knowledge that are being lost, particularly the loss of books.

Wind Blossom silently and privately mourns Purman's death.

Looking for a new hiding place, Tieran overhears Sandell, a student musician, talking with Emorra about Tieran's loss. Emorra tells Sandell that her mother had never told her anything about her father. Sandell and Emorra are having a relationship.

Tieran picks the Drum Tower as a new hiding place.

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  • Sandell

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  • Carelly
  • Jendell
  • Latrel
  • Purman