Chapter 4 Dragonsblood Chapter 6

Second Interval 200 (507 AL)

The Wind Rider has left port, captained by Baror. Colfet finds Baror at the wheel with Vilo, the man who'd encouraged Genin in his fight with J'trel. Baror tells Colfet that the Captain had stayed behind in Half-Circle and left him in charge. The Wind Rider is sailing through a powerful storm. Colfet argues with Baror, insisting that they should drop the anchor and ride out the storm, Baror insists that they can sail through the storm just fine. He does convince him, however, to lower the launch (a small boat).

Colfet finds Lorana, just as J'trel went between. He warns Lorana that Baror was now captain, and that it was dangerous for her. She orders her fire-lizards to wait by the launch for them.

Lorana and Colfet make it to the launch, and set off.

At Ista Weyr, after the dragons have finished keening, J'lantir approaches the Weyrleader, C'rion, to apologize for not watching J'trel more closely. C'rion waves it away, and C'rion remarks that it was his choice. J'lantir tells C'rion about J'trel's friendship with Lorana. J'lantir tells C'rion that he'd look for Lorana to tell her the news, not knowing that Lorana already knew.

Lorana and Colfet are floating in the launch, the storm over. Lorana's fire-lizards looked miserable, soaked to the bone. She had tried to get them to leave, go some place safer, but they'd insisted on staying by her side, afraid of losing her in the storm.

Another storm hits them. Lorana tumbles overboard, holding on to the mast, which had been cut off and was floating the water. She sends the fire-lizards off, finally getting them to leave, to find someone else. They go between and leave her.

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