Chapter 7 Dragonsblood Chapter 9

First Pass 50 (58 AL)

Wind Blossom and M'hall emerge from between at the College. The time between was unusually long, and Wind Blossom asked M'hall why it took so long. He explained that he had timed it to the previous night, when he'd picked her up. He claimed that he had done it by accident.

Tieran helps her down from Brianth, and takes the body to the morgue. Wind Blossom collapses, presumably due to being doubled in time.

M'hall sees his younger self arriving to get Wind Blossom, and he yells at him not to do it. His younger self, of course, ignores it.

Wind Blossom wakes up on one of the infirmary's beds. She gets up and prepares to perform the autopsy, with the help of Janir, and Emorra observing.

She is, however, unable to use Sorka for the practice Sorka had suggested.

Suddenly, they hear the sound of the drums alerting Wind Blossom to a possible Pern-wide emergency and calling her to the Drum Tower.

Emorra and Wind Blossom rush to the Drum Tower, in the pouring rain, Janir catches up to them. Wind Blossom tells him to stay back, in case of infection.

They meet up with Tieran. He tells them that two fire-lizards had just fallen out of the sky. One was dead, the other alive, but ill. Wind Blossom takes a sample of the gren fluid leaking from the still-living fire-lizard's mouth. Tieran tells Wind Blossom to use the antibiotics that had been saved on the fire-lizard.

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