Concordances and Characters
Published 2005
Publication Order 18th (excluding short stories)
23rd (including short stories)
Events 1P50-1I2, 2I200, 3P1
58-60, 507-508 AL

Dragonsblood is the first Pern novel not written by Anne McCaffrey. It was written by her son, Todd McCaffrey.

Dragonsblood is an unusual novel in that it spans events at the end of the First Pass and beginning of First Interval, and also events straddling the Second Interval-Third Pass border.

At the end of the Second Interval, a plague spreads through the Dragons and Fire-lizards, threatening Pern's survival. Through the use of "timing it" and transtemporal telepathy, a cure is developed just in the nick of time.

Chapter Synopses[]

Indented chapters take place in the First Pass and First Interval. Non-indented chapters take place in the Second Interval and Third Pass