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  1. Aes Sedai ageless
  2. Handsome woman
  3. Dark eyes
  4. Severe, which keeps her from being beautiful.


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  1. Aes Sedai, former advisor of Queen Morgase
  2. Red Ajah
  3. Has occasional Foretelling
  4. Deposes Siuan as Amyrlin(by FOH Prologue)


At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, Elaida is the Amyrlin Seat, and is just beginning to assert her power over the Aes Sedai who brought her there. Alviarin, her Keeper, is the only one that she cannot dominate. She insists that they concentrate on finding Rand, as she thinks that the Dragon Reborn should be under their supervision, not wandering around loose where he could get killed before Tarmon Gai'don. She gives Padan Fain an audience, and asks him about Rand.

At the beginning of A Crown of Swords, Elaida is in the White Tower watching the construction of her new palace on the White Tower grounds. Alviarin arrives and briefs her on a few important matters.

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