Endor, sometimes known as The Forest Moon of Endor, is a small forested moon orbiting around the gas giant Endor, the first planet of the Endor System, located in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy.

Covered by vast temperate forests - plus some mountains, grasslands, deserts and water bodies found occasionally - this small world is known for its impressive biodiversity. Endor's flora includes giant tree-like organisms, which provide food and protection for small mammal-like beings, such as Munyips and Ruggers. They are preyed upon by the Temptor, a multiple-eyed predator that hunts using a lure-like disguised tongue. Endor's reptilian beasts range from small Blue Lizards to aggressive Blogs, semi-aquatic predators that build dams in the rivers, just like Earth's Beavers; and large bipedal herbivores called Blurrgs.

Endor's forests are also inhabited by many different species of spider-like creatures, the largest of which is the mysterious "Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain". Other spider-likes include Arachne, Rearing Spiders and Rakazzak Beasts. Small, wood-eating Bark Mites can be found on Endor, as well as Rori, the moon of Naboo, but it's unknown which of these two moons they are indigenous to. Possibly one the most unusual of the Endor inhabitants is the Owriss, a large, yet harmless, blob-like organism.

Endor is also home to a native sapient species: the Ewoks. Many other sapient beings inhabit the moon, but they are not indigenous, being descended from shipwreck survivors. The black hole known as the Endor Gate is located close to Endor, and is known to be the source of many mysterious space anomalies, similar to Earth's Bermuda Triangle, which explains why so many different species crashed on the forest moon.

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