Eros or 433 Eros is an S-type near-Earth asteroid approximately 34.4×11.2×11.2 kilometres (21.4×7.0×7.0 mi) in size, the second-largest near-Earth asteroid after 1036 Ganymed. It was discovered in 1898 and was the first near-Earth asteroid discovered. It was the first asteroid orbited by an Earth probe (in 2000). It belongs to the Amor group.

Eros is a Mars crossed asteroid that was the first discovered in 1898. It is also the first near-Earth asteroid (NEA) discovered. This Amor asteroid is the second-largest NEA after 1036 Ganymed.

Eros in fictionEdit

In James S.A. Corey's 2011 novel Leviathan Awakes, Expanse series, Eros is the scene of a genocide when the company Protogen kills its 1.5 million inhabitants with a bioweapon: the Phoebe bug.


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