Eye Among the Blind is a 1976 novel by Robert Holdstock (Robert Paul Holdstock August 2, 1948 – November 29, 2009) about the colonial encounter between humanity that can travel across interstellar space and a native exterrestrial species that is also the only other intelligent species discovered: the Ree'hd. This is set against the backdrop of The Fear, a mysterious, unstoppable, plague slowly wiping out humanity.

The plot involves the return of the biologist Zeitman to Ree'hdworld and to the wife, Kristina, from whom he has been long seperated. Ree'hdworld itself is increasingly unsafe. The natives - both the friendly Ree'hd and their more primitive kinsmen, the Rundil - are restless. The secret is held by Maguire, a blind man who should have died centuries ago and who, still living, has seen all the secrets of the universe.

The novel bears comparison with Robert Silverberg's Downward to the Earth in its exploration of the alienness of contact between humans and non-humans.


ISBN: 978-0575040106


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