1. GOZ(Ch. 1)


  1. Tall and bony
  2. Hatchet-faced
  3. Protruding ears
  4. Long, equine jaw
  5. Sandy-coloured hair with reddish overtones, cut short with occasional tufts


  1. Human
  2. Overgrade, Chief of Regional Security


Eykor was in charge of the interrogation of Maellenkleth subsequent to her apprehension after the vandalism at the Museum of Ancient Technologies. Domar Venle calls him and Slegele after finding a memory-wiped ler in the Nondestructive Evaluation Facility. Slegele protests that she was registered as a human, but Eykor says that they faked the records on purpose, and he classifies the record of the conversation as secret. He says he will talk to Chairman Parleau, and breaks off the conversation.

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