Born 2LI419
2476 AL
Dragon Brown Canth
Impressed 2LI430
2487 AL
Original Name Famanoran
Fire-lizard Gold Grall
Impressed 9P8
2515 AL
Highest Rank Wingsecond
First Appearance
(Publication Order)
First Appearance
(Chronological Order)
The MasterHarper of Pern

F'nor is the half-brother of F'lar, son of F'lon and Manora. While recuperating in the Southern Continent from injuries incurred in a knife fight (as he was defending a craftmaster from an Oldtimer dragonrider), he rediscovered the long-lost fire-lizards.

He lived in a junior queen's weyr at Benden Weyr, as Ramoth only permitted two junior queens at the Weyr.

F'nor attempted to travel to the Red Star, and nearly died in the process. He fell in love with former queenrider Brekke, whom he had originally found on Search. He and Brekke had/have a long-standing relationship

(Possibly more)

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