Born fl 2LI438 (2495 AL)
Highest Rank Mastersmith of Pern
First Appearance
(Publication Order)
First Appearance
(Chronological Order)
The MasterHarper of Pern

Fandarel was the Mastersmith of Pern at the start of the Ninth Pass. He attempted to reinvent the flamethrowers, and created an alternative that D'ram was quite impressed with. Fandarel was always looking for the most efficient way to do something, "efficient" being his favorite word. Fandarel was possibly Pern's most proficient inventor, reinventing such lost technologies as the telegraph and the printing press. He was a tall, muscular, man, with little or no sense of humor, but a dedication to his craft that was second to none. His craftsecond (and successor?) was Terry.

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