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Born c. 2LI385
2442 AL
Died 2LI448
2505 AL
Highest Rank Lord (Unconfirmed) Holder of 7 Holds
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First Appearance
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The MasterHarper of Pern

Fax was overlord of, at his height, seven Holds, four Major (High Reaches, Crom, Nabol, and Ruatha) and three Minor.

Lord Fax was the nephew of Lord Holder Faroguy of High Reaches. He began his political career running minor holds in High Reaches' territory. He ruled his holds with an iron fist, denying his people their basic rights, and depriving them of an education.

He was never formally Confirmed in any of his Holds. It appears that he is Pern's only real conqueror, and his Empire did not survive his death, each hold reverting to separate authorities. Only in Ruatha did he leave an heir of his bloodline, Lord Jaxom, whose mother, Lady Gemma of Crom, was distantly related to the Ruathan Blood.

He met then-Journeyman Robinton during the later's stay in High Reaches around 2LI409, and took an instant disliking to him.


He began his Empire in the year 414 of the Second Long Interval, when he murdered his uncle, Faroguy, and his eldest son, Farevene. Bargen, his other son, went into hiding in the abandoned Weyr.

In 426, he invaded Crom Hold, becoming Lord of Two Holds (Unconfirmed)

In 428, he took a minor hold, Radharc, formerly beholden to Tillek, by marrying the recently orphaned eldest daughter of the former holder.

In 430, he takes his fourth hold, another minor one named Keogh.

It is not clear exactly when he took Nabol or the other, unnamed, minor hold, but in 438, he invaded Ruatha. This proved to be his last conquest, although he did try to take Telgar



Preceded by:
Lord Holder of High Reaches
2471-2505 AL
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Lord Holder of Crom
2483-2505 AL
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Lord Holder of Nabol
???-2505 AL
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Lord Holder of Ruatha
2495-2505 AL
Succeeded by: