Concordances and Characters


  1. GOZ(Ch. 2-3)


  1. Appears to be in adulthood, mid-40's - having produced a rare 3rd child
  2. Smallish, slightly-built woman, subtle ler figure
  3. Freckles on her shoulders
  4. Invisible network of fine lines on her face
  5. Plain, almost elfin features
  6. Strong nose a little too large for the face
  7. Wide, generous soft mouth
  8. Fine, straight hair, neutral dark brown, coming to the middle of her back
  9. Light skin with darker undertones


  1. Ler woman
  2. Resident sociologist, Visitors Bureau, Institute For Applied Interrelationships
  3. Born 2505 AD
  4. Full name: Kanh Srith Fel Liryan Klan'Deren Klandormadh
  5. Pet name "Benon", meaning "freckles"
  6. Parent phase
  7. Had three children--Pethmirvin, Kevlendos, and Stheflannai, her zerh
  8. Insibling of Morlenden


At the beginning of The Gameplayers of Zan, Fellirian is an instructor at the Institute For Applied Interrelationships.

In GOZ 3, Fellirian heads home on the Reservation Monorail. She has a conversation with a mysterious hooded figure whom she recognizes, who tells her that someone will soon come to her yos asking a service, and she must comply. She meets her daughter Pethmirvin on the platform and accompanies her home, performing the Water Rite outside to cleanse her of her dealings with humankind. Her insibling Morlenden tells her they have visitors, but they have not yet discussed their business.