Science FictionEdit

  • African Heritage Army - Arthur C. Clarke and Muchael Kube-McDowell's novel The Trigger, Pp. 327-328
  • Animalist Revolutionary Army - Johanna Sinisalo's novel The Blood of Angels
  • Army of Dixie or Dixies - Allen Steele's novel Coyote Rising
  • Conservationists or Consies - Frederick Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth's capitalist dystopian novel The Space Merchants
  • Fishes - Children of Men 2006 demographic dystopia
  • French Canadian Republican Army - John Brunner's novel Stand on Zanzibar, brief reference p. 246
  • Friends of the American People - Radio Free Albumuth 2010 film
  • GreenOne - Wendy N. Wagner's novel An Oath of Dogs
  • Mayan Army of Water Liberation - Sleep Dealer 2008 surveillance dystopian film
  • The People's Hammer - Anthony O'Neill's novel The Dark Side, p. 121.
  • Trainites - John Brunner's 1992 environmental dystopian novel The Sheep Look Up

Other genresEdit


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