Adherence to and violation of specific laws, major and minor, can be used to move plots forward in science fiction as in any other genre.

List of StatutesEdit


  • Academic Freedom Bill of Rights - Frederic C. Rich's novel Christian Nation
  • Alaskan Settlement Act - Michael Chabon's alternative history novel The Yiddish Policeman's Union


  • Bus Enterprise Terrorism Act (to repress civil rights protests) - Will Potter's 2011 nonfiction book Green is the New Red, p. 168


  • Conduct Unbecoming a United States Marine - A Few Good Men 1992 film


  • Enterprise Protection Act - Johanna Sinisalo's novel The Blood of Angels, Pp. 190-191
  • Equalization Law (population control) - Robert Silverberg's novel Master of Life and Death


  • Fairness in Hell Act of 2275 - Futurama universe
  • Freedom From Information Act - Hillary Jordan's When She Woke: A Novel, p. 74


  • Galactic Artificial Sentience Prohibition Act of 2998 (GASP) - Robert Kroese's novel Starship Grifters and novella Aye Robot: A Rex Nihilo Adventure


  • Haden Research Initiating Act - John Scalzi's novel Lock In
  • Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act - Frederic C. Rich's novel Christian Nation


  • Impact Preparation Security and Stabilization Act (IPSSA) - Ben H. Winters's novel The Last Policeman


  • Lunch Counter Terrorism Act (to repress civil rights protests) - Will Potter's 2011 nonfiction book Green is the New Red, p.168


  • Michigan Resettlement Act - David Brin's novel Existence, p. 44


  • National Firearms Registration and Responsibility Act' - Arthur C. Clarke and Muchael Kube-McDowell's novel The Trigger, p. 205


  • Preschooler Empowerment Act - James Morrow's novel This is the Way the World Ends, p. 185
  • Population Law 3903 - Margaret Peterson Haddix's novel Among the Hidden
  • Proposition 653 - Altered Carbon television series
  • Prime Directive - Star Trek universe



  • Section 5 of the TerCon Postwar Pact - James Lovegrove's novel World of Fire
  • Settlement Regulations - D.G. Compton's novel Farewell, Earth's Bliss
  • Sustainable Future Act (fossil fuel prohibition) - Omar El Akkad's novel American War, p. 22


  • Three Laws of Robotics - Isaac Asimov's I Robots universe
  • Timmler Act - Yahtzee Crosshaw's novel Will Save The Galaxy For Food, p. 234
  • Trade Union Enactment - Anthony Burgess's novel 1985, p. 136


  • Ultra Patriot Act - Charles Wohlforth and Amanda R. Hendrix's nonfiction book Beyond Earth, p. 133


  • Yanthus Prime Controlled Substance Act - Robert Kroese's short story "The Yanthus Prime Job"

Fictional lLaws in Other GenresEdit

  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA-18) - Bodyguard 2018 miniseries


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