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Fire-lizards are the ancestors of the mighty Dragons. They were initially discovered by Sean Connel and Sorka Hanrahan, who later went on to become the first Weyrleader and Weyrwoman in Pernese history. They were originally known as "Dragonets".

Fire-lizards, like their larger cousins, are capable of Impression. The bond is not as strong as in the Dragons, however, and a fire-lizard is quite capable of living after its owner's death.

During the First Pass, Fire-lizards became less common, many returning to the Southern Continent to lay eggs. They did remain fairly common until the Third Pass. The Dragons' Plague appears to have wiped out the fire-lizards of the Northern Continent. By the Second Long Interval, they were thought to be either extinct, or even to be mere myth. F'nor, during recuperation in the Southern Continent, rediscovered the Fire-lizards, Impressing a gold.

Fire-lizards, while possessing less telepathic ability, and less overall intelligence, than Dragons, are blessed with a much stronger memory. They appear not to age, so that a fire-lizard may live for centuries, if it can avoid danger.

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