1. KOD(Prologue)


  1. COS(Prologue)
  2. COT(Prologue)


  1. Aes Sedai, Red Ajah/Black Ajah
  2. Formerly Highest of the Red Ajah
  3. Gives her name as "Alyse" to Perrin(KOD Prologue)


At the beginning of Crossroads of Twilight, Pevara, Yukiri and their companions are aware that Galina is Black Ajah, Talene having named her.

At the beginning of Knife of Dreams, Galina is considered dead after the events at Dumai's Wells. In actuality she is a prisoner of the Shaido, a gai'shain sworn to Therava and Sevanna, sworn on an Oath Rod not to channel unless they instruct her to. She has a plan to try to get Faile to acquire Therava's Oath Rod. She is kidnapped by Gaul and Fager Neald while out riding, and taken to meet with Perrin and Berelain. She tries to convince him not to attack the Shaido, which might disrupt her plan, and they return her to the Shaido, though not soon enough to avoid punishment by Therava.