Born fl 2LI394
fl2451 AL
Died 2LI426
2483 AL
Highest Rank MasterHarper of Pern
First Appearance The MasterHarper of Pern

Gennel was the MasterHarper preceding Robinton. He was already MasterHarper when Robinton was born, and he took a special interest in his development as he became aware of his gifts. He helped protect the young child from his father, Petiron's, perfectionism.

In the 426th Turn of the Second Long Interval, he told Robinton that he intended him to be his successor. That winter, he passed away.

Gennel was married to Journeywoman healer Betrice.

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Preceded by:
MasterHarper of Pern
fl 2LI394-426
Succeeded by: