Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets Chapter 2

The Worst BirthdayEdit


On his twelfth birthday, Harry gets into an argument with Uncle Vernon about Hedwig, whose hooting woke him up that morning. Harry says that she's bored from being locked up in her cage, but Uncle Vernon is not about to let Harry contact other wizards. When Harry accidentally uses the word "magic", Uncle Vernon nearly goes ballistic. Harry has been missing Hogwarts something awful since his return to Privet Drive. All his schoolbooks and other magical items, including his wand and broomstick, have been locked up since his return.

Uncle Vernon reminds them of the very important dinner party they will be having that evening, for possibly the biggest deal of his career. He rehearses the others in their appointed roles, Harry's consisting entirely of being quiet and pretending that he doesn't exist. After Vernon goes off to buy dinner jackets for the evening, Harry goes outside, quietly wishing himself a happy birthday. As he remembers the high and low points of the past year, he suddenly notices a pair of green eyes staring at him from the hedge.

Just then, Dudley comes out and taunts him about not having any cards for his birthday, and Harry wonders to himself why it is that none of his supposed friends have written to him. He asks why Harry is staring at the hedge, and Harry tries to convince him that he's going to set it on fire with magic. As a result, he is punished with extra work. He eats a pitiful supper while seeing and smelling the wonderful one the Dursleys will be sharing with their guests. He troops upstairs to his room, only to find someone sitting on his bed.

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  1. Dobby is the one hiding in the hedge, and later in Harry's room. He has been intercepting Harry's mail.