Chapter 1 Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Chapter 3

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Harry wakes to find his scar burning on his forehead. He can only remember bits and pieces of his dream, something about Voldemort and Wormtail, an old man who died and somebody else who they had already killed. He is in his room at Number four, Privet Drive. He wonders if the fact that his scar is hurting means that Voldemort is nearby, but he doesn't think so.

He tries to think of someone to ask about the scar. He immediately rejects the Dursleys, Muggles that they are. Hermione would tell him to tell Dumbledore, and try to find an answer in a book; Harry doesn't know where Dumbledore spends his summer, and doubts a book would help. Though he could use Hedwig to send Dumbledore a letter, Harry would feel foolish bothering him about his scar. Ron wouldn't be as sure there was a problem, but he'd bring his family into it, Mrs. Weasley would fuss over him, and Fred and George would probably laugh at him. Harry remembers vaguely that the Weasleys were going to invite him over soon, and had said something about the Quidditch World Cup, and he doesn't want them to keep pestering him about the scar.

What he wants, really, is a parent, which makes him think of his godfather, Sirius Black. He immediately begins writing a letter to Sirius. While Sirius has been on the run since escaping from the Dementors, Harry has been able to use his reputation to convince the Dursleys to give him a bit more freedom. Sirius has sent Harry two letters--by tropical bird rather than owl--since the end of the school term.

Harry spends the rest of the night writing his letter to Sirius. He devotes most of the letter to gossip about the Dursleys, and tries to sound casual mentioning the scar. He doesn't bother to mention the dream at all.

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