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Chapter 1 Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone Chapter 3

The Vanishing Glass


  1. ten years have passed since Harry was left on the terrible ugly doorstep. Harry wakes up and thinks why am I still at my mums house but my dream was weird it was about a flying motorbike to Aunt Petunia yelling at him to help with breakfast, because it's Dudley's birthday. He is living in the cupboard under the stairs, and has been told that his parents died in a car crash. Dudley has loads of presents, and throws a fit when he doesn't have more than last year.

Aunt Petunia gets a phone call from Mrs. Figg, Harry's usual babysitter, saying she's broken her leg and can't take Harry. After rejecting other possibly babysitting choices, the Dursleys are forced to take Harry with them to the zoo. Uncle Vernon has warned Harry not to do anything funny.

Funny things often happen around Harry, like his hair growing back after a severe haircut, a horrid jumper shrinking while his aunt tries to put ddhe flying motorbike from his dream, and Uncle Vernon yells at him. harry has a great time at the zoo, avoiding getting punched by Dudley and his friend, and eating food that Dudley rejected.

At the reptile house, Harry watched a huge boa constrictor in its cage after Dudley has wandered off in boredom. It winks at him, and when Harry begins talking to it, it seems to understand. Dudley returns, though, and pushes Harry out of the way. Just then, the glass in front of the cage disappears, and the boa makes a break for it, whispering its thanks to Harry as it goes.

Harry is shut in his cupboard without supper as punishment when they return to Privet Drive. He thinks back on his childhood. He can't remember the car crash where his parents died, except for a flash of green light and a pain in his forehead. He doesn't seem to have any other family, but sometimes oddly-dressed strangers come up to him in the street and seem to know him, treating him with respect.

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    1. Harry's first hints that he is a Parselmouth.
    2. The disappearing glass, and other odd incidents, are unconscious use of his magical talents.
    3. The strangers who sometimes approach him are obviously wizards who recognize the scar.
    4. Mrs. Figg is actually a Squib set to keep an eye on Harry.
    5. The flying motorcycle dream is a memory of Harry's flight with Hagrid in HPPS 1.
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