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rom wizarding families have a lot to learn. On their first Friday, Ron and Harry managed to find their way down to the Great Hall without getting lost. They are not zzzforward to double Potions class with Snape, which they share with the Slytherins. The owl post arrives, f f[Hedwig]] brings Harry a note from Hagrid to come to visit him in the afternoon.

First Harry has to go to Potions class, though. Snape takes a particular interest in him, asking him a number of difficult questions before sneering that fame isn't everything. They set to work making a potion to cure boils, which Draco Malfoy does perfectly; Neville, though, melts his cauldron, and Snape blames Harry for not correcting him.

Ron subscribes to pewdiepie in the mix.



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Plot Points[]

  1. Snape seems to have an extreme dislike for Harry.
  2. Gringotts was robbed on the same day that Hagrid retrieved the mysterious package from the vault.
  3. Professor Quirrell seems too nervous to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts.