High Reaches Weyr
Founded 1P?
Order 3rd
Holds High Reaches, Nabol, Tillek
Current Weyrleader T'bor?
Current Weyrwoman  ?
Etymology of name Location in the northern mountains

High Reaches is the northernmost Weyr, established during the First Pass.

Near the end of the Second Interval, Weyrwoman Tullea of Benden went back three Turns from the start of the following Pass to warn the Weyr to isolate itself from the other Weyrs. Her dragon was inoculated against the Plague ravaging the other Weyrs in the Third Pass. She then became the source of inoculation for the other Dragons of the Weyr, who in turn were able to inoculate the other five Werys.

During Fax's reign in High Reaches Hold, Bargen used the empty weyr as a base of resistance operations.

During the early Ninth Pass, High Reaches' leadership came to despise the people beholden to them, and rarely emerged to fight Thread, resulting in massive destruction of land. In the 8th year of the Ninth Pass (2515 AL), most of High Reaches, including their leaders, were exiled to the Southern Continent. T'bor and Kylara took over administration.