Ivanhoe is a fictional planet in Poul Anderson's Polesotehnic League universe. Then planet has a surface gravity of 1.15g and its indigenous sapient species are leonine. Larsum is one of its countries, which is bordered by the Karsunian Mountains. Ensum Hill overlooks Larsum's city of Aesca, and the Trammino River runs through it. Aesca is also the location of a Sanctuary of Consecrates. Gilrigor is another city in Larsum.

  • Fastiga are animals that fill the role of horses.


Schuster and Falkayn are stranded on Ivanhoe in 2423. Schuster caused theological and astronomical ferment to aid in their escape. ("The Three-Cornered Wheel") Expanded beyond a supply depot when a salable herb discovered there. ("Season of Forgiveness")