James Benjamin Blish (May 23, 1921–July 30, 1975) was the American author of the 1958 A Case of Conscience and other works.


From the late 1930s to the early 1940s, Blish was a member of the Futurians. He trained as a biologist at Rutgers University and Columbia University, and spent 1942–1944 as a medical technician in the United States Army. His first published story appeared in 1940, and his writing career progressed until he gave up his job to become a professional writer.He is credited with coining the term Gas Giant, in the story "Solar Plexus" as it appeared in the anthology Beyond Human Ken, edited by Judith Merril. (The story was originally published in 1941, but that version did not contain the term; Blish apparently added it in a rewrite done for the anthology, which was first published in 1952.)


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