Born 2LI448
2505 AL
Dragon White Ruth
Impressed  ???
Highest Rank Lord Holder of Ruatha
First Appearance Dragonflight

Jaxom, son of Fax, Lord of the Seven Holds, and Lady Gemma of Crom, is the current Lord Holder of Ruatha. He succeeded to Ruatha at birth. Fax was manipulated into declaring that he would renounce Ruatha in favor of Gemma's child, if it was male and lived, shortly after she went into labor. Jaxom was fourth cousin to Kale, the previous legitimate Lord Holder of Ruatha, and thus fourth cousin once removed to Lessa.

Shortly after Jaxom's birth, a duel broke out between himself and F'lar, and Fax was killed.

Lessa, daughter of the former Lord Holder Kale, initially attempted to declare her own claim to the Hold, but was dissuaded in favor of coming to the Weyr to be Weyrwoman.

During his childhood, management of the Hold was in the hands of Lord Warder Lytol, a former brown Dragonrider at Benden (under the name L'tol). Jaxom took full control in the 15th Turn of the Ninth Pass (2522 AL).

Lord Jaxom, during a visit to a Hatching at Benden, inadvertantly Impressed the white dragon Ruth. As Ruth was not a fighting dragon, it was agreed that Jaxom did not need to join the Weyr, and therefore, remained Lord Holder, Pernese history's only individual to be both Dragonrider and Lord Holder.

Jaxom is married to Lady Holder Sharra, and has two sons, Jarrol, and Shawan. He is brother-in-law to Lord Holder Toric of Southern Hold.

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Lord Holder of Ruatha
2505 AL-
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