Dragon Bronze Heth
Original Name Keevan
Highest Rank Weyrleader of Southern
First Appearance The Smallest Dragonboy

K'van is the current Weyrleader of Southern, succeeding after D'ram's retirement to Cove Hold. His weyrmate is Adrea.

His foster mother was Mende. His father was K'last.

He started out at Benden Weyr. At the time of his Impression, he was the smallest and youngest candidate, being old enough (12 Turns old) by only a single day.

His Impression was really a totally huge surprise, not only due to his youth and small size, but to the unusual circumstances behind the Impression, as K'van had been seriously injured from a fight with another candidate, Beterli, and had hobbled to the Hatching Ground with a limp.

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Weyrleader of Southern
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