Born  ??
Died 2LI438
2495 AL
Highest Rank Lord Holder of Ruatha
First Appearance The MasterHarper of Pern

Lord Holder Kale was the last Lord Holder of the original Bloodline of Ruatha. He became Lord Holder some time betwen the 426th and 430th years of the Second Long Interval. He was killed, along with the rest of his family, save only his daughter Lessa, during Fax's invasion in 2LI438.

Lord Kale was married to Lady Adessa, and had several children.

He was an easy-going, considerate of his holders, and painstaking in his dealings with them. In short, an ideal Lord in normal times, but in times like those, vulnerable to Fax.

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Preceded by:
Lord Holder of Ruatha
fl2487-2495 AL
Succeeded by:
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