Born c. 2LI390
c. 2447 AL
Died 2LI415
2472 AL
Highest Rank Journeywoman? Fisher
First Appearance The MasterHarper of Pern

Kasia was the wife of then-Journeyman Robinton. She had previously been engaged to a man named Merdine, about whom little is known, other than that he as a fisherman, and died during a storm just half a month before they were to be espoused.

Kasia was a few Turns older than Robinton. She was the daughter of Holder Bourdon and his wife Brashia, from Mardela Hold in Nerat. She was the youngest sister of Lady Holder Juvana, wife of Lord Holder Melongel of Tillek.

After their espousal, they went on a honeymoon, just the two of them, on a small boat. They were caught in a storm, and both caught pneumonia. Though Robinton quickly recovered, Kasia never fully recovered, and fell victim to a fever that ran through the Hold that winter.

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