Concordances and Characters
Born 2I174 (481 AL)
Fire-lizard Bronze Valla
Watch-wher Kisk
Highest Rank Master (?)
First Appearance Dragonsblood

Kindan was a Harper at Benden Weyr at the start of the Third Pass. He fell in love with Lorana, and helped her find the cure to the Dragons' Plague.

He was the son of a miner, and therefore took an interest in the engineering marvels that had gone into the making of the Weyr.

In his younger days, he had been expelled from the Harper Hall to Fort Hold after being accused of starting a fire in the Archives room. At Fort, he had worked with the healer as the first few Plague victims fell ill, and then eventually the healer succumbed as well, and Kindan was left alone. Of his family, only one sister was still alive.

He was a journeyman as of the Turn 3P1 (508 AL), but quite likely became a Master later, as he had already been tapped for Master.