Born  ??
Dragon Gold Pridith
Impressed 9P1
2508 AL
Fire-lizard Gold
Impressed 9P8
2515 AL
Highest Rank Weyrwoman of Southern, High Reaches
First Appearance Dragonflight

Kylara, rider of Gold Pridith, began her career as a junior goldrider at Benden Weyr. At the start of the Ninth Pass, she was the only other Goldrider on all Pern, Pridith being a daughter of Ramoth. Kylara is also the sister of Lord Larad of Telgar.

In the first year of the Ninth Pass, the ability to "time it" having recently been re-discovered, and the dragon population being far too low to deal with the expected Threadfall, Kylara was sent back in time ten Turns to the Southern Continent, along with Bronzerider T'bor and several other dragons, to found a breeding colony, which became Southern Weyr. The project proved unsuccessful as being literally in two places at the same time became far too much of a strain on the dragonriders. Although Lessa's bringing the Oldtimers forward made the project unnecessary, the Weyr was maintained, being recolonized in the present time with the same Weyrwoman and -leader.

After the rediscovery of fire-lizards, Kylara found a clutch, bringing it to Nabol, giving Meron and his men a chance at Impressing fire-lizards, as well as gaining a gold herself. Her desire for a fire-lizard was an unconscious reaction to her inability to dominate her own dragon.

After F'lar confronted, and defeated, the Oldtimers, those who refused to follow Benden's leadership were exiled to Southern. High Reaches' leaders, and all but a handful of its riders, were among those exiled. Kylara and T'bor took over leadership of High Reaches.

In the same year that she took control of High Reaches, she foolishly brought her dragon to Nabol at the same time that Brekke's gold Wirenth underwent her mating flight. This triggered Pridith's own mating flight, and the two fought each other to the death. Brekke left to live with F'nor at Benden Weyr while Kylara was effectively shunned, a hated figure. She is described by Lessa as having "no more mind nor wit than a babe" as a result of Pridith's sudden and traumatic demise, and that "She exists in the prison of her guilt" (Dragonquest, pb, 305).

In Dragonflight, she was referred to as "Kylora"

Appearances Edit

Preceded by:
Weyrwoman of Southern
2LI441-444? (2498-2501 AL)
9P1?-9P8 (2508-2515 AL)
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Preceded by:
Weyrwoman of High Reaches
2515 AL
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