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  1. Pale, smooth skin, long, black hair, eyes dark as night
  2. Tall and slender


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  1. One of the Forsaken
  2. Means 'Daughter of The Night' in the Old Tongue
  3. Had been Lews Therin's lover before turning to the Dark
  4. Called "Moonhunter" by the wolves
  5. Strongest of the Forsaken in saidar
  6. Originally known as Mierin
  7. Claims Tel'aran'rhiod for her own


At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, Lanfear travels to speak with Rahvin, inviting Graendal and Sammael along. She broaches the possibility of bringing Rand to kneel to the Great Lord of The Dark, saying that she can keep a close watch on him.

In FOH 6, she visits Rand in Rhuidean. She glimpses the keys to the Choeden Kal in his possession. She is taken aback when Rand calls her "Mierin", and wonders if Lews Therin is within him. She tells him Rahvin sent the Darkhounds to kill him, and tells him that Rahvin is in Caemlyn, with Morgase in his thrall. She notes that he has warded his dreams against her, though she could break through, as she has with the Wise Ones. She taunts him with Egwene's dreams of Gawyn. She leaves when she hears a noise outside the room.

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