Born 2I180
487 AL
Dragon Gold Arith
Impressed 2I200
507 AL
Dragon's Death 3P1
508 AL
Fire-lizards Brown Grenn
Gold Garth
Highest Rank Junior queenrider
First Appearance Dragonsblood

Lorana was the daughter of a beasthealer named Sannel. She possessed the ability to speak to all dragons, to an unusual degree. She discovered, with the help of Wind Blossom, Emorra, and Tieran from the First Interval, the cure to the Dragons' Plague. She lost her own dragon to the plague just a few months after Impression, though her dragon, in confusion and panic, jumped back to the First Interval, as had her two fire-lizards.

She lost a sister, Sanna, a brother, Lennel, and her mother to the Second Interval Plague.

During the Second Interval Plague, her father had been accused of bringing the disease to the holds he visited. When the Dragons' Plague broke out, she had the same fear that she, too, had brought the plague.

Lorana Impressed Arith accidentally, while at the Weyr. She was not even in the Hatching Grounds when Arith bonded with her, leaving the Grounds to search for her.

Arith was barely 2 months old when she fell sick with the Dragons' Plague, and died when Lorana attempted to use what she believed to be a cure on her. She went between, appearing in the year 1I1 (58 AL).

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