there were 3 known colonies on the Earths Moon in Babylon 5 Lore they were Armstrong Colony, Grissom city and Von Braun Shipyard.

Armstrong Colony

One of several Luna colonies, Armstrong Colony was the site of one of the many acts of paranoid violence against suspected telepaths throughout the Earth Alliance.


many of the violent acts occured following the official discovery of psi abilities in 2115. In the incident at Armstrong, the suspected telepaths were spaced.


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Grissom Colony

Grissom colony was a domed Luna mining colony located near the moon's north pole and included a water mining operation at Malibu station.


In the late 21nd Century, the colony's dome failed causing explosive decompression throughout the colony. Only through the actions of Lee Crawford enabled some of the colonists to survive, making him well known on Earth for decades as "The Hero of Grissom". Unfortunately for Crawford however, his wife did not survive the disaster. By 2115, the dome had been rebuilt, however newer structures tended to sprawl outside and around the dome, for fear of being caught in another disaster.

Von Braun Shipyard

Located one kilometre away from Grissom colony. In 2116 the Von Braun Shipyard was the launch site for the Heimdal probe, intended to update the DeepProbe network in a renewed effort lead by Earth Alliance Senator Lee Crawford to search for non-human intelligence by monitoring tachyon emissions. The launch itself was facilitated by the use of a ground based Mass driver and a second stage rocket.[2]

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