Born  ??
Dragon Brown Lorath
Impressed 2LI406
Dragon's Death 2LI414?, 2LI443?
2471? 2500? AL
Original Name Lytonal
Dragonrider Name L'tol
Highest Rank Lord Warder of Ruatha
First Appearance Dragonquest?

Lytol was the former Lord Warder of Ruatha Hold, governing in the name of Jaxom, between 2LI448 and 9P15 (2505-2522 AL). He was formerly a dragonrider at Benden Weyr. His dragon, Lorath, died during an accident during the Games in 2LI414 (2471 AL) according to The MasterHarper of Pern, around 2LI443 or 444 (2500 or 2501 AL) according to Dragonquest.

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