Born 1P2
10 AL
Died 1I??
after 58 AL
Dragon Bronze Brianth
Impressed 1P14
22 AL
Original Name Michael/Mihall Connel
Highest Rank Weyrleader of Benden
First Appearance Dragonsdawn

M'hall (originally known as Michael or Mihall Connel) was the first son of Sean and Sorka Connel, and the first Weyrleader of Benden.

M'hall grew up first in Fort Hold, and then in Ruatha Hold, after his grandfather, Red Hanrahan, founded the latter. Mihall, as he was known at the time, was crazy about Dragons, and visited the Weyr every chance he got. At the age of 12, he was allowed a chance to Impress a dragon, and Impressed Bronze Brianth, becoming a part of Fort Weyr, the only Weyr at the time. His parents were careful to avoid any suggestion of nepotism, and he slowly worked his way up to Wingleader.

By the twentieth year of the First Pass, the Weyr was becoming overcrowded. Several new Holds had been established along the West Coast, and plans for new Holds in the east were being made. A group of Dragonriders, M'hall among them, convinced Sean of the necessity of establishing a new Weyr. Sean surprised them by establishing not one, but three new Weyrs, which came to named Benden, Telgar, and (eventually) Ista.

Among those assigned to the then-provisionally-named "East Coast Weyr" (later renamed Benden after the recently-deceased Paul Benden) were M'hall Connel and Torene Ostrovsky (also known as 'Rene). Torene was the rider of Gold Alaranth, at the time, the largest Queen. It was established that the rider of the first Queen to rise to mate would become the Weyrwoman, and the rider of the Bronze who flew (mated) her would be the Weyrleader. Alaranth was the first queen to rise, and she therefore became first Weyrwoman of Benden. Brianth flew her, and thus M'hall became first Weyrleader of Benden.

M'hall and Torene were still ruling Benden Weyr when the First Interval began.

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Weyrleader of Benden
28-fl58 AL
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