Born c. 2LI293
2350 AL
Died 2LI420
2477 AL
Dragon Brown Nigarth
Highest Rank Member of Ruling Council
First Appearance The MasterHarper of Pern

M'odon was the oldest dragonrider at Benden Weyr during Robinton's visit. Between S'loner's death in 2LI414 (2471 AL), and the beginning of F'lon's Weyrleadership, M'odon was one of the four dragonriders (with C'rob, M'ridin, and C'vreb) who together formed a ruling council.

M'odon died of a fever in the 420th Turn of the Second Long Interval, along with 23 other dragonriders that year.

Falloner (as F'lon was known at the time), told Robinton that M'odon's great-grandfather had fought Thread, although that's not actually possible, though his great-grandfather could've been among those who were expected to fight Thread, when it became clear that the Eighth Interval would be a Long one.

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