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Welcome to Concordances and Characters, a wiki dedicated to science fiction.

Why science fiction? The following quote from an article in The American Interest by Walter Russell Mead explains that the genre dares to address issues ignored elsewhere: "Taken as a whole, the field of science fiction today is where most of the most interesting thought about human society can be found. At a time when many academics have become almost willfully obscure, political science is increasingly dominated by arcane and uninspiring theories and in which a fog of political correctness makes some forms of (badly needed) debate and exploration off limits, science fiction has stepped forward to fill the gap." Some scholars have diagreed. James Stupple criticizes the genre as failing to base its extropolations on firm empiricial research and for adherence to literary conventions rather than motivated by concern about the future. (Source: James Stupple. "Science Fiction: A Literature Against the Future." The American Scholar. Vol. 46, No. 2, Spring 1977.) This site is spoiler-rich. That is, assume the entire site to be protected by a spoiler warning, so no individual page will be. Please write all pages for the intended audience of someone who has read (or seen, or otherwise experienced) the work in question.

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Kuiper Belt Objects
Fictional Cities on Mars
Fictional Cities on the Moon
Fictional Cities and Towns in North America
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Fictional Lands
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Space Stations
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Fictional Labor Unions in Science Fiction

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