Born fl 1I1 (58 AL)
Highest Rank Lord Holder of Tillek
First Appearance Dragonsblood

Malon was the third Lord Holder of Tillek. His administration began near the end of the First Pass after Jim Tillek's unnamed successor died*. He was a friendly man

Appearances Edit

Physical Description Edit

Malon was bearded, with seaman's hands. He was about the same height as M'hall, big-boned, with brown eyes and hair, and a pleasant gentleness in his eyes.

Preceded by:
Lord Holder of Tillek
fl 1I1
fl 58 AL
Succeeded by:

*An inconsistency here - According to The Second Weyr, in The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall, Tillek was founded by Zi Ongola, and named after Jim Tillek, but Dragonsblood says Jim Tillek was the first Holder of Tillek.