Manetheren(Mountain Home in the Old Tongue)was an ancient kingdom located where the modern Two Rivers lies. Its capital city, in the Mountains of Mist, was built by Ogier on the banks of the Manetherendrelle, and farms and villages covered land which is now forested.

During the Trolloc Wars, in the reign of King Aemon and Queen Eldrene, the hosts of Manetheren were at the forefront of many battles, flying their Red Eagle banner. On the Field of Bekkar, they received word that the Dark One's armies were nearing Manetheren. They force-marched to the banks of the Tarendrelle and held off the armies against overwhelming odds, in hope of reinforcements, but none came. They retreated across the river, and at the site of Emond's Field had their last stand, joined by many of their countrymen. At Aemon's death, Eldrene summoned forth the One Power to destroy Manetheren's invaders, at the cost of her own life. The descendants of the few survivors forgot their heritage and become the Two Rivers folk of today.

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