Born 8P???
20?? AL
Dragon Gold Loranth
Highest Rank Weyrwoman of Fort, Southern
First Appearance Dragonflight

Mardra was the Weyrwoman of Fort when Lessa arrived from the Ninth Pass. She was the first Oldtimer that Lessa met.

Mardra was the daughter of the (unnamed) Lord Holder of Ruatha, and thus a distant relative of Lessa, with whom she'd initially struck up a close frienship. However, gradually that friendship had soured, as Mardra grew jealous of Lessa, in part due to Lessa's fame. She'd also come to feel that Lessa, as the sole surviving member of Ruatha's blood, should've become Lady Holder rather than going to Benden Weyr.

Mardra, while nowhere near as promiscuous as Kylara, did not restrict her sexual favors to her weyrmate, who was first T'ron then T'kul.

Appearances Edit

Preceded by:
Weyrwoman of Fort
fl 2LI1-9P8
fl 2058-2515 AL
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Weyrwoman of Southern
2515-2522 AL
Succeeded by: