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  5. FOH(Ch. 3,6-7)


  1. Wiry body
  2. Brown eyes


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  1. Friend of Rand
  2. Called "Mat"
  3. Notorious prankster in Emond's Field
  4. Infected by Mashadar in Shadar Logoth, with the dagger he brought from it(EOTW 19); temporarily healed by Moiraine(EOTW 42); completely healed in Tar Valon(DR 18)
  5. ta'veren
  6. Phenomenally lucky


At the beginning of The Eye of The World, Mat has gotten a name as a prankster in Emond's Field, but he also saw a dark rider like Rand did, a few days before Bel Tine. After the Trollocs attack the village, it turns out that the Cauthon house was one of those specifically targeted, and Moiraine says that Mat must leave the village with Perrin and Rand for Tar Valon. He is witness to Moiraine's confrontation with the villagers, where she tells the story of Manetheren. He teases Rand and Perrin about their weapons, having brought only his bow with him. He accompanies the group, now including Egwene and Thom Merrilin, out of Emond's Field.

At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, Mat is in Rhuidean with Rand. He has been drinking and gambling with the Aiel as much as his luck will let him get away with. He is eager to leave the Aiel Waste, though still wary of Moiraine and other Aes Sedai. After going through the redstone doorway ter'angreal, his memories have been filled with many men's from other eras, and he has a silver foxhead medallion and an odd polearm with ravens engraved on it.

In FOH 6, Mat has taken Melindhra back to his rooms, when they are attacked by Darkhounds. Rand balefires them, saving him from instant death at the hounds' saliva, but Moiraine still has to Heal him, in the process discovering that his foxhead medallion protects against saidar. He leaves Rhuidean with Rand and the others in FOH 7.

At the beginning of The Path of Daggers, Mat is in Ebou Dar, searching for Olver.

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