Megastructure describes artifacts or engineered objects on the scale of celestial bodies or larger. The physicist Freeman Dyson is credited with describing such a object when he articluated the idea of a Dyson Sphere.


  • Chiark Orbital - Iain M. Banks's novel The Player of Games (Culture universe)
  • Cube World - G. David Nordley's novel To Climb a Flat Mountain
  • Crystal Moon (transparent artificial satellite bought by the then Merseian ambassador to the Terran Empire and moved to the Jovian system) - Poul Anderson's Technic Civilization universe
  • Beyond Coast - Policenauts interactive movie graphic adventure game
  • Dinyol-hei Orbital - Iain M. Banks's novel Surface Detail (Culture universe)
  • Earth - Chris Roberson's 2011 Further: Beyond the Threshold (Original Earth has been dis-assembled and re-assembled to create a mega structure with 47 times the planet's original area)
  • Masaq' Orbital - Iain M. Banks's novel Look to Windward (Culture universe)
  • Ringworld - Larry Niven's novel Ringworld (Known Space universe)
  • Vavatch Orbital - Iain M. Banks's novel Consider Phlebas (Culture universe)