Born fl 2LI414
fl 2471 AL
Died 2LI428
2485 AL
Highest Rank Lord Holder of Tillek
First Appearance The MasterHarper of Pern

Melongel was Lord Holder of Tillek when Robinton spent some time there. He became Robinton's brother-in-law when Robinton married Kasia, youngest sister of Melongel's wife Juvana.

Melongel was an easy-going man, active and vigorous with rugged good looks, and not quite as tall as Robinton. From time to time, he went out with the fishing fleet. Melongel thoroughly understood the needs of the Fishercraft, his Hold containing the Fishercrafthall and the Masterfisher, and did most of the western shipbuilding.

Melongel had qualified for his captaincy, but never took command of a ship. He had met Juvana on a cruise around the Southern Sea to Nerat.

Melongel did not believe in the return of Thread.

Melongel died in the 428th Turn of the Second Long Interval in a riding accident when his runnerbeast went into convulsions. Though never conclusively proven, it was generally believed to have been Fax's doing.

Melongel had nine children, the oldest of which was Oterel, who succeeded him after his death.

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Lord Holder of Tillek
???-2485 AL
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