Born  ???
Died  ???
Fire-lizard Bronze
Impressed 9P8
2515 AL
Highest Rank Lord Holder of Nabol
First Appearance Dragonflight

Lord Holder Meron was of non-noble birth. He had been Fax's Warder in Nabol Hold when the latter died. Meron took charge of Nabol as Lord Holder.

He, along with Larad of Telgar, lead the failed march on the Weyr in the last year of the Second Long Interval.

Meron was a greedy man, forcing his holders to buy Cromcoal rather than chop firewood, among other ways of squeezing a profit from his holders. He was the first Lord Holder to Impress a fire-lizard. He received the egg from Kylara, with whom he'd had a relationship. This relationship lead to Wirenth's disasterous mating flight, which left both Wirenth and Prideth dead, and Kylara and Brekke dragonless.

Appearances Edit

Preceded by:
Lord Holder of Nabol
2505-??? AL
Succeeded by: