Merseia is a fictional planet in Poul Anderson's Technic History/Ensign Flandry universe. Orbiting the star Korych, Merseia is the home world of the Merseians, a reptilian species saved by agents of the Terran Empire. The planet is orbited by three moons: Neihevin, Lythyr, and Wythna. The primary language spoken by the Merseians is Eriau.

Terran agents transferred the technology that is necessary to save the Merseians from the effects of a supernova four light years away to the Gethfennu, the organized crime syndicate on Merseia. This might seem an odd choice, but Anderson may have wanted to offer an implicit apology or justification for the support the United States gave to its more vile client governments in the Third World in the 1960s. During that time period was also rumored that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency collaborated with organized criminal organizations within some client governments to import heroin from the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia into the U.S.

In an example of blowback, the resentful Merseians later develop an expansionist interstellar empire of their own, and become the primary rival to the Terran Empire.


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