1. HPPS(Ch. 1,7-10)


  1. (As a cat)Tabby cat, square markings around its eyes
  2. Severe-looking woman, wears square glasses
  3. Black hair, drawn into a tight bun


  1. HPPOA(Ch. 1)


  1. Can transform into a cat
  2. Professor at Hogwarts, teaching Transfiguration
  3. Head of Gryffindor House


In HPPS 1, Professor McGonagall stakes out the Dursley home the day after Voldemort's defeat, before Dumbledore comes there. She is quite shocked to learn that he intends to put the infant and newly-orphaned Harry Potter there to live with his Muggle relatives.

In HPPS 7, Professor McGonagall takes charge of the first-years once they are brought to Hogwarts and conducts them to the Sorting ceremony.

In HPPS 9, she makes Draco Malfoy give Neville Longbottom his Remembrall back. Later that day, she witnesses Harry's aerial rescue of it, and brings him to meet Oliver Wood, convinced she's found him a new Seeker. She send Harry a Nimbus Two Thousand in HPPS 10, and tells him to meet Wood at the Quidditch pitch for his first lesson. After Harry and Ron defeat the troll, she, Snape and Quirrell find them, and she ends up penalizing Hermione but rewarding Harry and Ron for defeating the troll.